5 Top Animated Explainer Video Companies

In the online business world, it’s important to keep a competitive edge by being abreast of current technology and conversion strategies. That’s why more businesses are turning to animated explainer videos as a tool to explain complex business ideas in 90 seconds or less. An explainer video, on your landing page, your website or as a teaching tool for your business, can familiarize your audience with key aspects of of your product or service without alienating your viewer with overly complex language. A great explainer video will explain your business or service in a way that’s simple, succinct and entertaining. An entertaining video will increase traffic on your website by 15-75% (according to TechCrunch.com).

Here’s our list of the top animated explainer video companies based on their ability to summarize ideas quickly and effectively, offer quality production and affordable rates.  These are in no particular order, as they each have unique styles which are subject to your own taste.

Switch Video: We made this one of our top animated explainer video companies for their range. This company offers three animation styles: claymation, animated, and whiteboard animation. A wider range offers more stylized diversity for the pickier client. It also suggests that they have a larger staff of creators to cater to your stylistic needs. These videos are in the ballpark of $5,000-10,000 for 1-2 minutes.

Flikili: This explainer video company places their emphasis on using up-to-date technology for optimal exposure. They do this using prediction analysis to discover the most effective way to increase conversion rates for your website or business. Flikili also has a quick and simple form for getting a quote online, which generally starts at $3000 for a 1 minute video.

Demoduck: This vintage stop-motion animation is stylistically intereting and very humorous, making it one of our top animated explainer video companies. The portfolio suggests most companies purchase the lower priced animated videos, but if you would like a video that stands out go with their high end package starting at $10,000.

Epipheo: This is another company with an emphasis on exposure. The animation is very simple and clever, reminiscent of high school doodling. You can contact the website for a quick quote and consultation.

Tim Goodspeed Demo Videos: These simple and effective videos have great production value for the lowest cost. Starting at $2,000 these are the most economic of our top animated explainer video companies.