Professional Explainer Videos

The difference between professional explainer videos and amateur explainer videos is that a professional explainer video will engage the audience’s attention as well as their imagination. Only an experienced team will be able to accomplish this effectively and creatively.

At Tim Goodspeed Explainer Videos, our team of professionals have the talent and experience to translate business concepts into language that is understandable and entertaining. We understand how to combine these elements to create an explainer video that, according to, can increase business sales from 15-75%.

My team is hand-picked from the best talent in creating the finest explainer videos. We start by researching your business, the customers you want to attract, your demographic fan base and other vital information. Then, our professional script writer converts that information into a clear and concise message. Finally, we collaborate with you to make sure we have created a story that accurately represents your business and your vision. After that, our professional creative team works their magic.

Our team is known for making creative and unique explainer videos. We’ll start by showing you the storyboards and characters we’ve developed for your video. You’ll get to choose the voice of your unique character from a stock of fresh vocal actors and actresses. Once those elements are in place we begin the animation process with captivating graphics and background music.

The best part is, your whole video can be completed in as little as 3 weeks. That’s a one-minute video, pitch to finish, starting at $2000. Going with a low budget company will not provide you with these results in as quick a turnaround for such a reasonable price. Chances are for the same amount of money you will be getting low quality animation, a script that does not explain your concept properly and a much slower turnaround time. Here’s what our customers are saying:

“Fantastic Results!”

“Responsible, flexible and highly skilled.”

You can send a creative, entertaining, and memorable message in just a few weeks and for very little investment. Let’s get together and talk about how a team of highly-skilled professionals can create the best professional explainer video for your business.