3 Tips for Creating Easy Demo Videos

Having an easy demo video is one of the most powerful tools to use in business, whether you’re new to the business world or a marketing pro. More and more business are turning to animated demo videos, or explainer videos, because of how much easier it is to explain what your business is about. A quick and easy video is clear, entertaining and casts a wide consumer net, making them ideal for business.

In order to create an easy demo video, there are key elements to always be aware of, otherwise your content can go from easy to complicated quickly. Here are some tips for making a great demo video.

1. Know Your Customer – Doing some research to understand your customer creates the groundwork for a demo video. Most of your audience has not read your executive summary, but that doesn’t mean the concepts cannot translate into their everyday world. Find out who your customer is, then focus your video around them.

2. Create a Process – To create a demo video, you need an outline of how it will develop. Not only will this help you understand the process, it will also help everyone on the team follow your vision and make helpful contributions in tough areas. An outline will also help dissect core concepts from a detailed business summary. Also, it helps animators start bringing characters to life.

3. Choose Professionals – Even an easy video is still going to need a team, and the better skilled your team is, the better the results. You want a team that’s experienced so you don’t have to spend forever with the creative team trying to explain your vision. A professional production company has access to the animators, voice actors and script writers you need  to create your vision. This will save you time and money, and make the process a whole lot easier. A great production studio is Tim Goodspeed Explainer Videos. It’s a great company to contact for making fast and easy demo videos for the low starting price of $2000.

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