Case Study – Venutopia


Venutopia is a mobile ad platform that creates brand-to-fan engagement with interactive texting games that fans play on smart phones during timeouts at sporting events.  Content is uniquely integrated into the user experience – and fans are rewarded for their participation.

Project Objective:

The objective was to create a video that explains what their white label mobile ad platform is and how it uniquely engages mobile customers with text based games.  The current marketplace lacks the tools to allow sporting venues to get meaningful brand to fan engagement on mobile devices and leveraging a social media audience into direct sales impact.


The script was structured to point out what works and what does not work within the current marketplace of sporting events.  Then goes on to explain in simple and easy to understand terms what Venutopia is and what they do.  Not just fans competing to be the fastest texter and winning prizes, but also touching on issues of mobile data,  user experience and social media sales.

To engage the video audience, we went with a simulated “whiteboard” effect.  This effect paired with conventional motion graphics and a clean limited color palette provides an entertaining view into Venutopia’s product story.