• Explanation Videos for the Technology Industry

    Especially if you work in the technology industry, sharing what you do for a living can be a painful process. No matter how many times you explain it, write it or even draw it out, some people will just have a hard time understanding what your tech business is all about. Fortunately, creating an explanation video is not only relatively inexpensive, but can easily answer the questions that your target demographic has about your products. read more

  • Get the Right Videos for Explaining Your Business

    Many times, your business is complicated, layered or requires additional information before people really catch the “vision” of what you do. Videos for explaining what you do and why you do it are not only a great way to get that core information across, they’ve been shown to increase sales by between 15-75%, according to TechCrunch.com. read more

  • Qualities of the Best Sales Videos

    It’s time to get rid of your under-performing sales videos and start getting the results you need! At Tim Goodspeed Explainer Videos, we create the best animated sales videos for your business and give you an edge on your competition. read more

  • 3 Explainer Videos Tips to Increase Business

    So, you have a business that people don’t quite understand. No matter how many times you write it, draw it or explain it, it seems like people aren’t truly catching the vision of what you can do for them. read more

  • What is Workday Performance Management?

    The Advisory Board Company wanted a video to alert employees about the Workday Performance Management platform they were planning to launch.

    read more

  • Why You Need Us for Your Explainer Video?

    When you want to make explainer videos that catch peoples’ attention as well as their imagination, you need to have an experienced team that knows how to make your vision come to life. read more