• Case Study – BrainCorp


    Brain Corporation developed Brain Operating System to enable the creation of affordable, adaptive and autonomous consumer robotics. read more

  • 5 Top Animated Explainer Video Companies

    In the online business world, it’s important to keep a competitive edge by being abreast of current technology and conversion strategies. That’s why more businesses are turning to animated explainer videos as a tool to explain complex business ideas in 90 seconds or less. read more

  • Case Study – Rally Point Webinars


    Rally Point Webinars prides itself by delivering the know-how and technology you need for stress-free, flawless webinars. read more

  • Best Animated Videos for Business

    As more and more businesses are choosing animated explainer videos, there are a lot of portfolios to dig through to find the one that works for you. When you are looking for the best animated videos for businesses, based on sales increase, popularity, conversion rates and overall effectiveness, these are the best ones around.  With great music, animation and scripting, these animated videos are a great way to convey information in 60-120 seconds. read more

  • Case Study – Venutopia


    Venutopia is a mobile ad platform that creates brand-to-fan engagement with interactive texting games that fans play on smart phones during timeouts at sporting events.  Content is uniquely integrated into the user experience – and fans are rewarded for their participation. read more

  • 3 Tips for Creating Easy Demo Videos

    Having an easy demo video is one of the most powerful tools to use in business, whether you’re new to the business world or a marketing pro. More and more business are turning to animated demo videos, or explainer videos, because of how much easier it is to explain what your business is about. A quick and easy video is clear, entertaining and casts a wide consumer net, making them ideal for business. read more

  • Benefits of Having Custom Explainer Videos

    In business, sometimes it’s hard to explain what your company does in a way that everyone can understand. What makes perfect sense to you might not translate for someone unfamiliar with your product or service. With a custom explainer video for your business, you can articulate exactly what your business does in a way that is clear, fun and universal. The better the video, the wider the audience and the greater the sales increase. In fact, TechCrunch.com reported that custom explainer videos increase sales anywhere from 15%-75%. Also, explainer videos are easy to share via email, social networking sites or on your website. You never know the potential of an explainer video until you make one. read more

  • Steve Jobs on Creativity

    Created this short video as a student project for Mograph Mentor.  We were assigned to develop and create a visual essay/motion graphic piece.  The subject was wide open, but we were encouraged to use the piece to teach a bit of something to our audience.  Rather than trying to write something new, I decided to work with an existing quote.  I came across some very interesting quotes on the subject of creativity, but ultimately landed on this one from Steve Jobs: read more

  • Great Tips When Using Explainer Videos for Business

    Have you ever found yourself trying to explain a business concept to someone and they either couldn’t understand it, or simply didn’t seem that interested? Chances are you haven’t been using a method that captures the audience’s attention.

    By creating explainer videos for businesses, you can explain your concept in a way that captivates your audience and increases sales. Not only do you have access to a wider audience, especially if you are using the web, but you can explain an entire afternoon’s-worth of information into 1-3 minutes of video. read more

  • Professional Explainer Videos

    The difference between professional explainer videos and amateur explainer videos is that a professional explainer video will engage the audience’s attention as well as their imagination. Only an experienced team will be able to accomplish this effectively and creatively.

    At Tim Goodspeed Explainer Videos, our team of professionals have the talent and experience to translate business concepts into language that is understandable and entertaining. We understand how to combine these elements to create an explainer video that, according to TechCrunch.com, can increase business sales from 15-75%. read more