Best Animated Videos for Business

As more and more businesses are choosing animated explainer videos, there are a lot of portfolios to dig through to find the one that works for you. When you are looking for the best animated videos for businesses, based on sales increase, popularity, conversion rates and overall effectiveness, these are the best ones around.  With great music, animation and scripting, these animated videos are a great way to convey information in 60-120 seconds.

Chipotle – Back to the Start

This film from Nexus Productions is definitely one of the best animated videos for business! There is no dialogue, yet the story is told very clearly with animation and music. It also creates a strong mood, which is a great feat in 120 seconds, and leaves the audience rooting for a hero, Chipotle. A video like this will probably run about $20,000.

Spotify – Has Landed in the U.S.

Here’s a punchy video with simple animation and no dialogue. It has great editing at a fast pace, while still explaining the service well. The question of how to use Spotify is still up in the air, but the video is compelling enough to raise energy and intrigue to learn more. Spotify’s service is sharing music on a social network, and the producers worked with that theme and revolved their animation around that.

Ted Ed – One Is One

Here’s a great way to explain a very tricky concept: Math! Animated videos can help anyone understand the most complicated concepts. With a great script and a friendly voiceover, the audience will understand and retain this information, and even share it with their peers.


Definitely one of the best animated videos for business, this is a classic explainer video by Tim Goodspeed. It is simple, effective and starts at about $2,000 illustrating that you can have a great video on a low budget.

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