Benefits of Having Custom Explainer Videos

In business, sometimes it’s hard to explain what your company does in a way that everyone can understand. What makes perfect sense to you might not translate for someone unfamiliar with your product or service. With a custom explainer video for your business, you can articulate exactly what your business does in a way that is clear, fun and universal. The better the video, the wider the audience and the greater the sales increase. In fact, reported that custom explainer videos increase sales anywhere from 15%-75%. Also, explainer videos are easy to share via email, social networking sites or on your website. You never know the potential of an explainer video until you make one.

When developing the ideas for your custom explainer video, it’s best to work with a professional production company. It’s challenging to fit an entire business proposal into 1-3 minutes of video, but, luckily, there are production teams available that specialize in creating custom explainer videos. They have the know-how, resources and talent for breaking down complex ideas into short and entertaining videos. Whether you are detail-oriented or a big-picture visionary, you’ll need a team of professionals to help along the way.

The key is to get the audience’s attention in the first 10 seconds so they will continue watching your explainer video. By holding interest, you have just turned your audience member into a customer. A professional video will do just that, through engaging visuals, delightful music and thought-provoking writing or dialogue.

At Tim Goodspeed Demo Video, we have experts ready to turn your detailed business model into the perfect video. We will combine the right script, fun animation and talented voice actors for all the specifications of your unique business. You will have the ideal method of communication for any audience, starting at $2,000.

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